ITEM 1     Deeds for burials are issued by the Cemetery Clerk and payment for
            opening & closing shall be paid prior to burial.

ITEM 2     Funerals are not permitted on Sunday and the following holidays:
            New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day,
            Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and
            Christmas Day, except when necessary to comply with Ohio law.

ITEM 3     Vaults must be of concrete, metal or fiberglass.

ITEM 4     Single grave occupancy will be standard in all sections of the cemetery,
            with the exception of cremations. Two separate cremated remains may be
            placed in a single grave.  The individual remains must be in a container
            and  adhere to the following:
                  1.  Burial Urn must be water tight/permanently sealed.
                  2.  Non Bio-Degradable
                  3.  Marble, Bronze, or Granite Container

ITEM 5     All casket interment services will be held in the cemetery chapel.  Burial
            tents/enclosures will not be permitted for casket interment services.
            Cremation interments will be dealt with on an individual basis.


ITEM 1     All laws of Ohio regarding disinterments shall be
            complied with.  Applications for disinterments
            should be made by next of kin of the deceased and
            consent of the owner of the lot involved shall be

ITEM 2     Payment for disinterment shall be paid in advance                
            by the requesting party or parties. There will be a second
            opening and closing charge if remains are buried in the
            Lisbon cemetery.

ITEM 3     Cemetery personnel will use utmost care in making removals,
            but will not assume any liability for damage incurred in so


ITEM 1     Lisbon cemetery does not install cemetery monuments/markers
              with the exception of Veterans Government Markers.

ITEM 2.    Monuments and markers shall be set upon a concrete
              foundations.  Said foundations will be installed by
              cemetery personnel only.

ITEM 3     Foundations will be calculated as follows:
              Minimum up to 2'  x 1'
              Others per cubic foot

              3a  The monument base shall not exceed the dimensions of the

              3b  Monument companies will be notified of any additional
                    charges for extra work not covered by regular rates,
                    before work proceeds.

ITEM 4    Maximum size on single grave      34" x 16"
             Maximum size on 2 graves           54" x 16".        

            4a    No family markers will be placed on lots less than
                   16" x 20", nor shall the marker exceed 6'6" x 16".

            4b    Headstones, double markers and small monuments
                    are permitted on parts of lots.

ITEM 5    Family monuments with the use of headstones shall                
             only be erected in the Estate Section.                      
ITEM 6    All monuments must be kept in line with others in
             said section.

ITEM 7    Workman erecting monuments or headstones shall
             assume all liability for damage to lawns, trees, and        
             and other fixtures.

ITEM 8    No memorial will be allowed on lot/grave unless lot/
             grave has been paid for in full.

ITEM 9     No memorial shall be left at the cemetery to be
              installed at a later date by the monument dealer
              or by an individual.

ITEM 10   All markers must be placed at head of the grave.                        

ITEM 11   Foundation will be poured in May and October of each year.
              Cut off date for May foundations orders will be May 1st .
              Cut off date for Oct foundations orders will be Oct 1st.

ITEM 12   No portion of grass type markers is to extend above                
              ground level.     

ITEM 13   Metal/Stone Flat Marker placement within the Lisbon Cemetery.   
              1. One (1) upright marker
              2. One (1) flat marker which would include a Government Service
              3. Marker must be buried flush with the ground
              4. The Lisbon Cemetery will not be responsible for any damage to a
                  marker from normal maintenance (i.e. mowing)
              5. Marker size will be 12 x 24

ITEM 14  All new flower containers, temporary or permanent, can
             not be larger that 18" in diameter (width).  This includes the
             base diameter as well as the top diameter  of the container.
             All containers must be placed to the side of monument (left
             or right) not in front of or to the rear of the monument.

ITEM 15  All saddles will remain fixed on all grave markers until moved by
             the family.  Please attach the name of the person buried to the
             saddle in case of wind or storm removal.

ITEM 16  No shepherd hooks or any other non-floral decorations of        
             any type can be placed in or on the ground. (No solar lights are
             to be placed in the ground and please no glass vases)

SECTION V            CARE OF LOTS                

ITEM 1     All lots will be given the same care.

ITEM 2     The Lisbon Cemetery assumes the duty of cutting the
          lawn and keeping it free from leaves and other trash.
          Sunken graves will be filled, leveled and seeded as needed.

ITEM 3     Graves shall be kept level with surrounding turf.  Flowers
          or shrubs shall not be planted thereon.

ITEM 4     No more than one memorial of flowers is permitted on each grave and
          shall be placed in line with the head stone (left or right of stone).

ITEM 5     March 1st   - May 1st                   Nothing  placed on graves
          May 1st  - October 1st                   One flower arrangement
          October 1st – December 1st         Nothing placed on graves
          December 1st – March 1st                   Winter flower arrangements

ITEM 6     Fences, curbs or other enclosures or landscape stones  
          are not permitted on lots.

ITEM 7     Lisbon Cemetery shall not be liable for lost, misplaced or
          broken vases, nor any damage caused by thieves, vandals
          or any other cause beyond its control.


ITEM 1     Automobiles shall not be driven through the grounds at a
          speed greater than 10 miles per hour and must be parked
          on the right hand side of the drive.  Care should be taken
          not to park on narrow drives that do not permit passing.

ITEM 2     Persons shall not be permitted to have refreshments within
          the cemetery, nor to sit on graves and monuments.

ITEM 3     Persons or automobiles are not permitted in the cemetery        
          after dark.

ITEM 4     Children shall not be permitted to use the cemetery
          as a play ground.  No use of bicycles and skateboards
          is permitted.

ITEM 5     Dog, cats, and horses are not permitted in the cemetery.

ITEM 6     Off road vehicles are not permitted on the cemetery grounds.

ITEM7      Cemetery personnel shall have charge of the grounds,
          including the conduct of all traffic and shall have the
          power to enforce all rules and regulations.


          A.  Vaults shall not exceed 3 ½' in length and must be
                restricted to metal, fiberglass or concrete construction.


          A.   All legal paper work must be provided by family and
                must comply with the laws of state of Ohio.

          B.   When disinterment occurs  the ownership of grave reverts    
                 to the cemetery for resale.

          C.   No charge will be assessed for disinterment or the second
                opening and closing charge, if the vault is reburied in
                an  adult grave in the Lisbon Cemetery.


          A.   Maximum size is 2' x 1'.

          B.   Must be a flush type marker.

          C.   No foundation will be poured.


          A.   No deed will be issued.
          B.   Record of burial will be kept by the cemetery clerk.
                The name will be entered in a burial ledger and will be
                removed if baby is disinterred.


ITEM 1        Only whole grave lots of 6/8 graves will be sold.

ITEM 2        Monuments and Markers

           A.  6 Grave lots:  lot size 10'6" x 21'
                Min     60" x 14"
                Max    72" x 20"

          B.   8 Grave lots: lot size 14' x 21'
                Min     60" x 14"
                Max     90" x 20"

          C.   Others by variance (i.e. 12 graves)

          D.   Any combinations of graves will not exceed a maximum
                 of 12' in length base.

          E.   All family monuments must be centered on a lot.

          F.   Monument companies must submit a scale drawing of
                 memorial to be placed in the Estate Section for approval
                by the Cemetery Board of Trustees.

ITEM 3        All other rules and regulations will prevail in this section.

ITEM 1        The Chapel will be used for interment services.


ITEM 1        No more than two (2) urns/cremations per crypt.

ITEM 2        No more than two (2) infant caskets per crypt.

ITEM 3        Commonly accepted religious, fraternal and patriotic insignias are
             allowed on shutter (face of crypt).

ITEM 4        Bronze markers of any type are not allowed on (attached to) shutter.

ITEM 5        Floral arrangements are allowed on the 4" curb only
             (in front of shutter) no heavy vases/statues.

ITEM 6        Opening/closing is included in the price of the crypt.
ITEM 7        The deceased must be embalmed and have a casket to be
             interred in the mausoleum.

ITEM 8        The crypt must be paid for before interment.

ITEM 1        Cemetery lots may be purchased at the cemetery office, 1 Elm St. ,
                 Lisbon, Ohio.  The lot/lots must be paid for in full at the time of

ITEM 2        Single lots will be sold where available