The following is from
The Buckeye State
Thursday, May 29, 1913
Fifty years after the Civil War
  Arrangements are now practically completed for Memorial day services on Friday, and all members
of Starr Post, G.A.R., Woman’s Relief Corps, and Sons of Veterans, will meet at their headquarters at
12:30 o’clock promptly, and march to the Lisbon theater in a body, and the exercises will begin at one
o’clock.  The memorial address will be made by the Rev. Harrison, of the Christian church and the
music will be furnished by the Lisbon band.
  As a part of the exercises at the theater Mr. Morrison, the proprietor, has arranged to entertain the
old soldiers, members of the Relief Corps, Sons of Veterans, and other patriotic organizations by
showing a picture entitled, “For the Cause.” This is a civil war picture, shows many familiar battles and
scenes familiar to the veteran, and ends with a visit to the cemetery.
  Mr. Morrison had intended to show the picture following the return of the body from the cemetery,
but thought it best to make it a part of the services.
  Following the exercises the G.A.R., Sons of Veterans, members of the Relief Corps, followed by the
school children, will, headed by the band, and the automobiles containing the officers of the day, and
the soldiers and members of the Relief Corps who are unable to walk march to the cemetery to
decorate the graves of the soldiers lying buried there.
  Following is a list of the graves to be decorated:
Adams, S.R.
Adams, Mathew W.
Armstrong, Lt. B.W.
Althar, Thomas
Atterholt, George W.
Aten, Louis
Atterholt, Jason
Adams, Frederick
Adams, Washington
Alther, David

Beck, Charles
Bell, Capt., A.R.
Brewer, Capt. Chas.
Brewer, Major A.L.
Blocksom, Lt. A.J.
Burns, George E.
Burns, John
Baker, Frederick
Baker, Fred G.
Baxley, William
Babington, Alex
Byers, David
Bowman, Christian

Cornwell, Lt., Com. J.J.
Chain, Henry
Coppock, Capt. Ezra
Charters, W.M.

Corbett, George B.
Crowl, George
Clunk, Anthony
Clunk, M.N.
Clunk, John
Crosser, Harrison
Cleckner, Samuel
Connell, Geo. M.
Cole, J.D.
Cole, Jeremah

Duffy, Thomas
Douglas, Thomas
Dailey, Thomas H.
Davis, M.L.
Dickison, John M.

Estill, Jason
Estill, Joseph
Eakin, J.D.
Endley, M.H.

Fife, Jacob
Fox, Charles F.
Firestone, D.W.
Frost, Henry E.
Fraser, Chas. D.
Frost, Chas. L.
Flugan, Louis
Farmer, Isaac P.
Flugan, Louis
Feasline, Casper
Firestone, Solomon J.

Groner, Isaac
Gaskill, Frank
Green, Joseph
Garrett, Clinton
Green, Jason

Helman, Samuel
Hamilton, Wm.
Haley, Wm.
Haldeman, U.A.
Hastings, Dr.
Harbaugh, John
Hennessy, Wm.
Hall, D.D.
Hinchliffe, George
Horsefall, Jonas
Hamilton, M.N.
Harbaugh, Thomas
Hostetter, David
Hesson, Joseph

Jordan, Col., W.J.
Johnson, George
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, John M.
Jolley, Henry

King, Henry
Keiper, Louis
King, A.B.
Kerns, Richard,
Kemble, Capt. Wm.
King, John W.
Kenty, Joseph B.

Lodge, Abel
Lemoine, A.G.
Little, Robert
Leichenstein, Joseph
Lamborn, Hiram
Lounsberry, Chas.
Lamborn, T.J.
Lowry, Wm. H.
Lee, Alvin

Morrison, Capt. F.
Miller, Marshall
Miller, William
McDermott, James
McElroy, J. Dallas
Miller, Andrew
McMichael, John
Marks, Henry
Moore, George S.
Morrow, Robert
Myers, Capt. J.A.
Mullen, Thomas
Martin, Abel
Morrison, Harvey
Morgan, Capt. J.B.
Murphy, Lt. J.R.
Morrow, Henry
Morgan, Charles
Maus, Charles
Miles, Samuel
March, Samuel
Morrison, Dallas G.
Mann, Samuel
Moore, Abram
Miller, George L.

Neill, Anson B.
Nace, Frank
Northup, James
Nauber, John

Orr, Matthew

Phillips, William
Prouse, Frank
Philman, Jonathan
Patterson, Dr. Wm.
Percval, Maj. J.R.
Pettit, Capt. Stacy
Piper, Samuel
Philman, Joseph
Patterson, Joshua

Richards, Edward
Robins, Capt. H.C.
Robertson, Robert L.
Robertson, C.V.
Rogers, George F.

Stackhouse, Levi
Sterlin, Capt. Wm.
Smith, Lt. James L.
Smiley, Ebenezer B.
Shearer, Lt. Robert
Shearer, Milton
Streight, Cornelius
Starr, John
Starr, Wm.
Starr, Thomas C.
Starr, Lt. Calvin
Satterfield, Charles
Stickleman, John A.
Sipe, Solomon
Springer, Charles
Springer, R.B.
Shurtliff, Luther
Sherbine, W.C.
Stanley, W.H.
Snyder, W.H.
Straughn, Maj. J.L.
Springer, Rueben
Snodgrass, Capt. Alex T.
Sloan, James
Springer, Samuel

Tidd, Charles T.
Thomas, Nathan

Vallandingham, C.M.
Vogan, John W.
Vogan, George W.
Vaughn, Robert
Volker, A.J.
Ward, Lt. Joseph
Ward, James
Willets, George
Watt, Daniel
Watson, Robert
Watson, W.C.
Watson, John
Watson, Wm. T.
Wiles, Singleton
Williard, Thomas
Williard, Russell G.
Willetts, Albert
Whitacre, Edward
Wilson, Roderick,
Wilson, Jesse
Way, Nicholas
White, Auzy

Young, Co., G.I.
Young, P.C.
Young, B.S.

Zimmerman, Frank

WAR OF 1812
Harper, Col. Jacob
Shawke, Jacob
Morrison, Robert
Morris, Morris E.
Hill, Peter
Richards, Wm.

Crowl, George
Templin, Cor’l. Edgar E.