The Ohio Patriot
Thursday, April 16, 1891
                                                  Thursday, April 16, 1891

 New Lisbon now has seventeen grocery stores or one to about every 130 inhabitants.

 On last Wednesday while tearing down an old log house on the Miller farm about four miles east of
Hanover, situated on the West Fork road near Ritchies Mill, workmen found seven thousand dollars in
gold in a neatly tied package placed between the logs of the building.  The money was turned over to
be divided among the heirs to the Miller farm.  It is supposed to have been placed there by
Grandfather Miller, an early settler, who built the house.

 Mrs. Jennie Crowell McMillen has opened an office in the Hamilton building and will solicit insurance
for farm buildings or town property.

 A pretty young lady astride a bicycle, with a young man balanced on the hind wheel and clasping her
tightly about the neck, was a sight that caused some unfavorable comment on Market street last
The following are excerpts from the column News Notes of 30 Years Ago, Thursday, April 16, 1891,
found in The Ohio Patriot: A Newspaper Devoted to the Interests of the Democratic Party, Tuesday,
April 11, 1922.