Willow Grove Park
700 W. Lincoln Way, Lisbon OH 44432

Willow Grove Park was donated to Lisbon in 1947 by the Reed Family, but before that it
was quite a business. Charlie Croft, who owned the land on the east side of Little Beaver
Creek, rented or leased the land on the west side of Little Beaver Creek from Joseph
Maus, a tavern owner, who was also a justice of the peace and Sheriff of Columbiana
County. Joseph Maus also help in the capture of Raider John Morgan in Gavers.
The original dam at Willow Grove Park was wooden and there was a solid gate that could
be lifted, on the east side of the dam, where water could go down a race to power a
stone mill located where the county garage is located now. The dam was later replaced
with the current cement dam.
There were three cottages that were rented by the week from people in the surrounding
area. There was also a cottage used by Mr. and  Mrs. Croft  and a shanty where Mr.
Croft rented ice skates in the winter. Just north of the park, ice was harvested in the
winter and sold to the townspeople of Lisbon for their iceboxes.
The upper side of the dam was stocked with fish for fishing and several boats were
available for rent. There was also a pavilion that had to be reserved well in advance for
picnics. Lots of local churches, organisations and families had their picnics here.
The Crofts also owned a cottage on the east side of Little Beaver Creek which was
connected by a walking bridge. This bridge was later replaced by a swinging bridge. The
east side cottage was later sold to the Lisbon Lions Club and was added onto to make it
suitable for the Lions organisation.
The Willow Grove Park property was left to Mary and Rebecca Maus in 1902 when
Charles Maus passed. It was then left to the Billingsly/Taylors in 1922 when Rebecca
Maus passed. It was then sold to the Scotts in 1922 and then to the E. G. Reed in 1923
who operated the park for several more years and added a dance pavilion.
The Increase of the automobile and the ability of people to travel, slowed the parks
attendance, and the park was donated to Lisbon.
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Charles Croft cottage at Willow Grove Park
Dam at Willow Grove Park
Willow Grove Park
Boats at Willow Grove Park
Bridge at Willow Grove Park
Falls at Willow Grove Park
Natural water falls near Willow grove park