The Lisbon Shade Tree Commission was established on February 27, 1967.

"Whereas, the Council of the Village of Lisbon, Ohio have found that throughout
the last one hundred years of said Village’s existence no plan or program has been
undertaken by said Village for the purpose of replacing shade trees or protecting
the existing shade trees in the Village of Lisbon and that by reason of the historical
background of said Village said trees are of vital importance and an asset which
said Council feels should be protected and preserved."

Before any tree or stump removal in the tree lawn (between the sidewalk and curb)
property owners shall have approval from the Lisbon Shade Tree Commission by
Village Ordinance #785

The present Commission consists of the Mayor, Street Superviser, Chairman of the
Board of Public Affairs, Solicitor, four citizens, and one Council Member.
Lisbon Shade Tree Commission
203 N Market St.
Lisbon, Ohio   44432
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Phone: (330) 424-5503
Photo by Jerrry Tyson